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It's difficult, not to mention expensive, to draw consumers to your website. You have their attention, so don't waste the opportunity.  Engage your customers by adding a Store Locator / Store Finder system to your current website that provides an ideal solution for turning online visitors into retail buyers.  With our Ultimate Locator solution, you can easily turn consumer interest into foot traffic at the retail level, or you can direct your customers on where to buy your products and services at a store near them.  Ultimate Locator is an advanced store locator software package that easily installs right on your current website and gives you the tools you need to service your customers fully.  


Ultimate Locator runs more websites than any other competing store locator
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What is the Ultimate Locator?

The Ultimate Locator is an advanced store locator / store finder software package that installs on your website and allows you to manage a robust, professional-grade store locator system.  Allow your visitors to search and find store locations nearest them along with embedded maps, driving directions, contact info, links, photos and more.  Quickly improve the quality of your local search offerings on where your products or services are sold.  Help your customers help themselves.


Ultimate Locator has more features than any other locator package available and is jam packed with useful and practical features that most users look for in dealer locator and store locator software solutions.  Ultimate Locator has been offering a full featured zip code store locator software system since 2004 and is trusted by over 1,600 website owners to date.


Need a Turn-key Hosted Solution?


We've got you covered and we make it easy.  We'll handle everything for you, including installation, domain setup, importing your stores and even customizations.  Ultimate Locator is also available as a reliable cloud based remotely hosted solution.  Learn More...


Latest Release:  May 17, 2013

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