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We have launched our new flagship product named Ultimate Locator On Demand. This is our brand new, from the ground up, locator system that is offered via a cloud based subscription model. We wholeheartedly feel that all past customers will benefit greatly if they choose to transition over to the new On Demand locator system. We will continue to support our Legacy Clients with your existing Legacy Member Account and Legacy Support Portal.

Thank you for being a loyal customer and please do let us know if you have any questions about the new Ultimate Locator On Demand.
Direct Customers to your
Location Nearest Them
Ultimate Locator On Demand is a plugin Store locator app for any site that turn consumer's online interest into real foot traffic at the local level.
Give your visitors the convenience of quickly finding out where
your products and services are available nearest them, with our
easy to implement Store Locator App.
Our turn-key locator system is a breeze to setup and plugs in to
your existing website with our simple copy and paste integration code.
The Smartest and Most
Interface Available
You'll be hard pressed to find another locator
system with such an impressive feature set.
Our Intuitive User Interface was designed from
the ground up to relieve the stringent
requirements other store locator systems need.
Beautiful Screens for
Mobile Devices and Tablets
74% of U.S. consumers use location based services on their smartphone*.

With auto detection of Mobile Devices, your visitors are automatically
redirected to a mobile friendly locator interface that beautifully
translates your Ultimate Locator system.

Our Lightweight and Fast Loading Mobile Edition
is perfect for your customers on the go.
*Source: Pew Internet & American Life Project, 2015
Add Unique Features You Need
With Our Plugin Library
Our Plugin Library lets you add additional features to your locator easily.
Our Library holds an abundant supply of popular features that are
seamlessly integrated into the core of your Ultimate Locator Engine.
Our Plugins allow your locator to be outfitted with additional
features that will help taylor our locator to your exact needs and
desired functionality requirements.
Getting Started is
Quick and Easy
You'll be up and running in 3 Easy Steps:

1. Import Your List of Locations
2. Configure Settings to Your Liking
3. Integrate Ultimate Locator into your existing website

Running a locator system from a competitor?

Our Import Wizard accepts any CSV file from any
competitor's locator system and imports your list of
locations quickly and accurately.

The Most Advanced Way
to Organize and Deliver your Locations

Ultimate Locator On Demand works hard to intelligently deliver your locations to your customers in a smart and efficient manner. Your customer will spend less time typing, searching, scrolling and reading while discovering your products and services nearest them.

From auto detection of your visitor's position, to interactive map tools, to a dynamic interface, your Ultimate Locator On Demand system will be the new highlight of your website. You'll begin to deliver a local search experience while engaging your customers online.

To view even more great features, also visit our Features and Take a Tour pages.

Get Your 14 Day Free Trial

What you get with your Ultimate Locator On Demand Plan:

A Beautiful Solution

Thanks to a variety of themes, plugins and integration options, your new locator system will be amazing.

A Robust Search Tool

We have more features than anyone else to help get the right location in front of the right customer, at the right moment.

Happy Customers

Your customers will spend less time typing, searching and scrolling to find the locations nearest them.

The Locator That Goes Everywhere

A Locator for Digital and Print
Websites, Mobile Devices, Magazines and Product Labels or Packaging

Ultimate Locator On Demand is engineered to support every type of device known to man. Your locator system can be accessed via Desktops, Laptops, Mobile Phones and Tablets and delivered through your Website, Print Ads, Product Labels and Product Packaging.

If your customers are using it, then your Ultimate Locator system will support it.

Store Locator Device Support

Always Ready To Serve...
Your customers can access your Ultimate Locator On Demand system anytime, anywhere and with any device. Accessible 24 hours a day from your own website.

Perfect for Local Product Marketing...
Ultimate Locator On Demand can be used for your entire product line or just one speciality product that you're promoting. How you utilize Ultimate Locator is up to you.

Great for Member Directories Too...
Have a list of Members or Business Professionals you want your customers to search? Ultimate Locator On Demand is a great tool for offering search and locate for professional listings.

3 Reasons Why People Love Ultimate Locator On Demand

Fast Integration into Your Website

Quick Integration

Ultimate Locator On Demand is ready to work hard for you. Just paste our integration code into your page's source code and you're instantly up and running. Our solution saves time and money over downloadable software.

Using the Latest Innovations

The Latest Innovations

Built from the ground up in 2015 with the latest innovations in technology, Ultimate Locator On Demand is smart, intuitive and reliable. Ultimate Locator On Demand offers several new features never seen before.

Increase Your Local Sales

Increase in Local Sales

Your customers need to know where to buy your products and services. And only you can tell them. Ultimate Locator On Demand makes it a point to increase sales at the brick-and-mortar level of your business operations.

SaaS Cloud Based Delivery Model
Software as a Service (SaaS)
Cloud Based Delivery Model

Ultimate Locator On Demand is a centrally hosted SaaS Solution that delivers high quality and dependible results. No need to download or install anything. The entire locator experience is delivered via our high speed cloud based server network.

Our proprietary locator system is built in-house with the latest advancements in technology. Our network is managed by LiquidWeb's Storm On Demand Cloud Server technology, using the latest high performance web servers with advanced Solid State Drives (SSD), to ensure a powerful and flexible on-demand delivery infrastructure.

We provide the most advanced locator system ever developed, via an extremely reliable cloud based delivery model, so you can rest assured that your customers can find you, anytime!.

What is it? How will it Help Me?

What is a Store Locator

A Store Locator System can be used for many things. Once the locator is integrated into your site, your site's visitors will have an efficient way to find a Person, Place or Thing, nearest their location. The most popular types of locators include Retail Store Locators, Product Locators, Restaurant Locators, Bank Locators, Dealer Locators and Member Directories.

Integrating Ultimate Locator On Demand into your existing website, gives your visitors a way to locate and buy your products and services locally. Give your website the capability of delivering a personal local experience to your customers.

How will it Help Me

If you have a list of addresses that need to be posted on your site, so your customers can find a location nearest them, then you are a candidate for implementing a Locator System.

Your new Ultimate Locator On Demand will provide automatic location searches for your website visitors, so they may be informed on where to buy your products or services nearest them. They'll get maps, driving directions, addresses, telephone numbers and a lot more on the locations nearest them.

Ultimate Locator On Demand also supports Online Stores, for those customers that are comfortable with shopping online. The customer can easily find which online stores carry your products and instantly be transported over to shop online.

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With plans starting at $7.00 a month, it's easy to get your new locator system launched right away with no delays.

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